Do you have a great product or service idea, and want to take it to the next step?

Icontrol Labs helps developers and makers of all sizes go from idea to selling products as quickly as possible.
Technical Assistance
From RF design help to REST API integration to manufacturing and distribution assistance, Icontrol Labs was created specifically to remove as many barriers as possible for makers and developers.
Market Exposure
Participants Icontrol labs will be invited to special Icontrol events, where they will have the opportunity to present their ideas directly to the decision makers at the worlds' most powerful Icontrol service providers.
IndieGoGo and Icontrol Partnership
IndieGoGo and Icontrol have partnered to support visionary IOT companies with their crowdfunding campaigns Participating Icontrol Labs companies can take advantage of reduced IndieGoGo fees in addition to displaying the Icontrol logo on their IndieGoGo campaign page.